FPF Training: Fundamentals of Online Advertising

When:  Apr 3, 2023 from 12:00 to 14:00 (ET)

The Fundamentals of Online Advertising session will explore the evolution of the online advertising ecosystem and a variety of related topics, including basic ad delivery and reporting, online and mobile platforms and data flows, real-time bidding (RTB), and analytics, as well as an overview of the current developments affecting the future of ad tech.

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • The basics of online advertising and its evolution over time, including how browsers work; the flow of data between websites, ad tech providers, and intermediaries; and the terminology;
  • The intricacies of programmatic advertising, including real-time bidding (RTB), and the interplay between the various participants in the ecosystem;
  • How data from users’ activities across different websites or platforms is used for targeted advertising; and
  • Challenges affecting the future of online advertising, including deprecation of third-party cookies, platform requirements for tracking in mobile apps, and key laws and regulations that guide the ad tech sector.

This training will be an In-Person session.



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